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Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

The 2021 Marketing Guide was developed specifically to provide our members with one handy “toolbox" with all the resources they need to make the most of their HBA membership while effectively and cost efficiently marketing and growing your business.

With this toolbox, members can easily plan their marketing investments for the entire year. Every opportunity is clearly spelled out so members understand the events, what the event has to offer, the different levels of investment, and what members can expect from their investment.

At HBAGTA, we are here for our members. Our sole focus is to help members gain the most value out of membership. We ask that members talk to us, share feedback and get involved in driving the direction of association. Join a committee. Volunteer for an event. There is great benefit from networking with industry peers and gaining exposure to potential customers who can use specific services.

Bottom line? The more engaged our members are with the HBA the more they and their business stand to benefit.

Contact Lauren at 231-946-2305 to make the most of your HBAGTA membership.


  • Increased Brand Loyalty
  • Differentiating Their Company from Competitors
  • Interaction with Prospects
  • Stimulated Sales & Product Sampling
  • Captured Leads
  • Showcasing Community Involvement